Tyconz Business Enterprise & PwC: Partners in Digital Transformation

October 8, 2020 | M. Hussein El Hakim

Photograph by PwC



A startup’s journey from its early stages to acquisition is nothing short of rocky – most start with an ambitious vision, a better solution to a persistent problem, and perhaps a rare talent and favorable circumstances to bring their ideas to life. But very few are the entrepreneurs with the tireless drive and strategic expertise needed to overcome the hurdles, to grow and position their startup for acquisition.


If you ask most entrepreneurs, and if they’re being honest, they will tell you that among their greatest ambitions is for their business to be successful and attractive enough to get acquired by a larger, more established entity. While many view acquisition as a mere exit strategy, it is more accurately a new and stronger beginning for startups hoping to achieve more.

In fact, acquisitions offer startups opportunities for greater and quicker implementation of their visions and strategy. Through reduced entry barriers, increased market power, wider access to resources and capital, and easier access to networks of experts, startups are able to expand their offering to their existing customers, while also gaining more traction and exposure to reach a wider audience and create more value.


Such a milestone, though, doesn’t stand down the road for any given startup with a great idea. When big companies are looking to acquire, they’re looking for outstanding talent, a far-reaching platform, in-depth expertise, and a solid, innovative business model.
It’s safe to say that a business’s acquisition is not a measure of its success, but an affirmation of it. Rather, it is the startup’s success that puts it on the path to acquisition.


Perhaps the greatest example to illustrate this would be PwC’s recent acquisition of Tyconz Business Enterprise, on October 6, 2020.


Founded less than a decade ago, and with a strong presence in Riyadh, Doha, Dubai, Kuwait, and Cairo, Tyconz offers a comprehensive range of SAP services, assisting customers across the region with digital transformation.

Tyconz’s solid track record in SAP solutions, from consultation to development, to implementation, will undoubtedly be of remarkable added value to PwC’s strategy to offer integrated solutions in the MENA region, amidst the world’s growing transition into a more digital economy.

We at Brakket Group are thrilled to congratulate Tyconz co-founders Jawad Fakih and Tarek Abdel Khalek, as well as PwC on this tremendous leap forward, and wish them the greatest success to match their aspirations going forward.



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