How Strategy Consulting Benefits Early-Stage Businesses

October 8, 2020 | Joyce Ibrahim


The early stages of a business may be the most exciting – creativity is at its peak and ideas abound, fueling entrepreneurs’ enthusiasm and thus, their productivity.

And while the people behind a business are usually experts in their fields, they often lack the business expertise to design strategies that make the best out of their ideas and visions.

Seeking out a strategy consultant, aside from helping you ensure that your company is on the right track, allows you to clear time on your schedule to do what you do best.


What is strategy consulting?

Strategy consulting encompasses Corporate Strategy, Administration Strategy, Organization Strategy, Scaling Strategy, and at a later stage M&A Strategy.

A strategy consultant evaluates your business, assesses its resources, assets and liabilities, based on which they design a vision statement, develop strategic plans and design implementation roadmaps for your company to achieve its business goals.

Strategy consultants also help in developing policies relating to your customer base, market, vendors, partners, shareholders, and employees. And if your business already has a strategy in place, a consultant’s expertise and objectivity can still be of great value, as they evaluate your strategy’s performance, identify potential weaknesses, and suggest changes for you to achieve better outcomes.


Why do you need strategy consulting?

Running a young business is like building your own house. While you were busy filling an unexpected crack in the wall, the pipe you tried to fix by yourself twice already started leaking again. Meanwhile, the foundations and pillars are starting to look shaky.

Calling upon expert input would save you effort and money, while also allowing you the time to focus on growing your project. What’s more is that the expert will help you lay down solid foundations to build on, giving you the peace of mind you need to push your plans forward.

Similarly, a strategy consultant helps you design and roll out the right strategy for your business goals, and in line with your capabilities and resources.


The early stages of a business are the most critical. If you try to build your vision atop shaky foundations, there are strong chances it will collapse.

Here are some of the many ways a strategic consultant can help you materialize your ideas and drive profitable growth:


  • They help you define, plan, and accomplish specific business goals and milestones, drawing on their expertise in your industry.
  • They have the required expertise to understand your vision and transform it into a practical roadmap that investors can understand.
  • They help you develop a solid business model that they will also help you refine once more data about your products/services and customers becomes available.
  • They offer management advice to anticipate for a range of business problems you could potentially encounter as your company grows.
  • They offer expert advice for each stage of your company’s growth, from ideation to implementation, ushering your business’s established success.
  • They help you create a business plan for you to keep track of tasks and activities as your company grows. This will also help you gain better knowledge of important timelines to upkeep and resource requirements relating to your growth.


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