Brakket Invest x Ecomz: Investing in Digital Innovation

June 2, 2022 | Romy Harfouche


Brakket Invest injects capital in Ecomz, an award-winning SaaS platform

This new venture will help Brakket Invest’s portfolio companies establish a solid online marketplace


Beirut – Brakket Invest recently invested in Ecomz, an award-winning Saas platform that provides a wide array of tools that enable businesses to build their own online shops and sell their products on the internet.

Ecomz aims to be the merchants’ platform of choice by offering them all the tools they need to build and manage an online shop and start selling on the internet.

Having served more than 7,000 merchants in 55 countries with over 10 million processed orders, Ecomz is rapidly growing in the Arab world while providing its users with limitless opportunities.

Brakket Invest is an alternative investment management & investment firm that allocates funds to high-potential ventures in AI, cybersecurity, SaaS and consumer and media platforms. Brakket Invest is fully involved in and committed to its portfolio companies, offering technical and specialized support, guidance, and funding to help them achieve unprecedented growth.

Through this investment, Brakket Invest’s portfolio companies will be able to build attractive storefronts and sell their products or services online. Not only will this strengthen their online presence, but it will also help boost sales and maximize revenue.

Mr. Jad Cherri, VP at Brakket Invest says “Our investment in Ecomz confirms our long-term commitment to empowering e-commerce-based companies in the Middle East. We are looking to help Ecomz become businesses’ go-to platform by introducing them to new markets and connecting them to our network of partners and companies.”