Brakket Group Lands in London

October 23, 2020 | M. Hussein El Hakim


Since the start of our journey in 2018, we at Brakket Group have been on a mission to expand our horizons and those of our clientsFrom constantly delving into new industries to exploring innovative ways to better serve our stakeholders, we keep our eyes set on higher grounds. Therefore, we are happy to announce that, following our exceptional growth in Beirut, Dubai, and Stockholm, we are now offering our expansive services in London as well.  


Our presence in a global city such as London will only allow us to further refine and broaden our scope of services, to bring comprehensive business solutions to our clients, wherever they may be. Through Brakket Consult, we hope to offer our clients more diversified prospects. With our HR, marketing, organizational, and technology consulting services now available in London, we are excited to explore the endless possibilities and perspectives that will allow us to enrich our contributions to our clients’ growth. Furthermore, with our network growing larger and increasingly present, Brakket Recruit aims to open the door to wider opportunities for both job-seekers and employers.   


We are confident that this new path will only lead to creating greater synergy among our subsidiaries, stakeholders, and the various industries we thrive in.  


And most importantly, we hope that you will share our thrilling journey.  


Reach us in London: 


2,149 Gloucester Road ,