3 Tips to Make the Most of the 2020 Holidays

December 10, 2020 | Joyce Ibrahim


Like nearly everything else in 2020, holiday shopping this year will also likely be full of surprises, challenges, and change for small businesses and retail giants alike. And while the holidays can be a wonderful time for most, businesses usually feel the pressure mounting this time of year, as stores generally rely on strong sales in Q4 to hit their annual goals.


And with slow sales throughout 2020, changes in customer preferences, and unfavorable economic situations, as well as a pandemic, holiday shopping will be especially stressful for small businesses this year. Retailers will need to make adjustments to best serve their customers and drive growth.


Here are a few tips to help you have a profitable holiday season!


  • Make sure your digital strategy is optimized

The single most important takeaway from 2020 for companies of all sectors and sizes is the importance of having a strong digital presence.  And this year’s holiday season will further highlight the impact your online presence can have on your profits. In fact, a study by Deloitte suggests that most sales will be taking place online, with e-commerce transactions expected  to increase by 25%-35% between November and January.


And with most consumers going online for their holiday shopping, you’ll want to do all you can to stand out from the overcrowded digital market and be prepared to accommodate the online surge. You can offer unique promotions or gift certificates to increase your online engagement and bolster sales, but it’s also incredibly important that optimize your website and SEO to make sure you meet your customers on their go-to platforms.   


  • Align customer service to new expectations  

The pandemic has reshaped consumer expectations for good, and the businesses who fail to meet customers’ growing demand for convenience, speed, and outstanding customer experience will fail to drive profit.

Perfecting customer experience is crucial for small businesses, especially in stressful times. A user-friendly website, competitive delivery options, and available support teams to address complaints can do wonders for your customer engagement. But with COVID-19 cases expected to surge this winter, the spotlight is on the safety and health. Communicate your commitment to taking all necessary measures and precautions, and offer your customers flexible delivery options such as curbside pickup or contactless delivery.


The holidays are also a great opportunity for small businesses to tap into a stronger sense of community. Furthermore, this year’s events shed the light on the challenges faced by local businesses all around the globe, and this increased awareness will likely lead more consumers to shop from local small businesses this year. This puts small retailers with a strong online presence in a great position to reel in significant profits during and after the holidays.


  • Remember to follow up after the holidays

Planning for the post-holiday seasons will make your transition back into regular sales smoother, after the holiday frenzy comes to an end. Your customer service strategy should also define how you interact with shoppers after the holidays. By extending their customer experience with your business until well after the holidays, you can create a positive last impact that will bring in repeat customers.


Encourage new customers to stay connected with your business by asking them to join your email list to follow your social media pages. You can also develop a strategy to engage with your customers in-store, to help them get to know your business better and inspire them to make additional purchases during their time in your store.


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